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This was one lucky fish.  Note the Musky bite near the tail.
Nice 5lb'er
"Don't worry little buddy, you'll be back home shortly."
Lake St. Clair smallmouth on the fly
Northern Water Snake spotted in a Lake St. Clair flats cut
You'll never know what might show up bass fishing.
Andreas' first Lake St Clair smallmouth.
Peter bagged another nice one a few minutes later.
This one was even bigger.
Started the day out battling a tough east wind but Bob still managed good numbers of smallmouth.
Ron had his own battle with Bob for numbers, but at my last count he still came out on top by a hair!
Had Eric and his son Holden out recently.  Eric was first on the board...
But Holden wasn't far behind with a nice fish of his own.
Double #1...
Double #2!
Podium finish for my son Dan and I at the 4th Annual Bay Area Fishing Tournament.  Won $1000 for the biggest Perch.
Matt K. outdid his Pro Bro on this day!
A shameless plug for Bass Action Charters at the Bay Area Fishing Tournament Awards Ceremony. In addition to the biggest Perch, we just missed biggest Walleye and longest total for Pike, Walleye and Bass.
Even though he let his amateur Bro outdo him, Mike K. still reeled in a bunch of nice fish.
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